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2022-02-22 01:02SEO tips

Reputation management for medical clinic, guide for 2022

Doctors eputation
Reputation marketing is becoming the most important part of online promotion. This kind of activity is aimed at creating a positive image of the brand in the eyes of the consumer. Such work is especially important in the medical field, where word of mouth has a strong effect.

Traditionally, in Russia, medical service providers were searched for using the “word of mouth” method, based on the “friends will not advise bad advice” principle. Acquaintances, friends, and relatives advised each other on specific doctors or certain clinics, based on their own experience.

Medical services require a high degree of consumer trust

Now the reputation on the Internet, the reviews of living people play the role of those same friends and acquaintances. Reputation marketing for dentistry and medical clinics is especially relevant since the competition is very high and there is a continuous struggle for the loyalty and trust of patients.

2021-02-20 12:02SEO tips

How to Find Broken Links on the Website: Review of 4 Convenient Tools

Broken links is one of the factors which negatively influence on the quality of the website and, in its turn, website position depends on its quality in general. And what turns out? Broken links indirectly influence ranging, and respectively, the website traffic.

If today there are no broken links on the website, it does not mean that after a while they will not appear. Therefore, we recommend to check the website for broken links from time to time. The frequency of check depends on the type of your website (online store, news site, etc.) and traffic volume.

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