Valentyn Romanenko

Valentyn Romanenko

SEO expert
My name is Romanenko Valentin.
I have been working as an SEO expert for 12 years.
I have 100% positive feedback from all employers on Linkedin.

I work perfectly, that's why I have 100% good reviews in LinkedIn

Valentyn is skilled and responsible person, he worked for SEO for Single Page Application website with more than 2 million pages. He successfully worked on the task of technical optimization of the site, and on improving analytics and conversion rates.
Svitlana Shutka
PM/team lead

Valentin is a skilled hardworking person, who is always aware of trends in the marketing industry, in particular in SEO. We did a lot of promotional projects together and I was sure that no matter what - there will always be ideas about how to improve the clients' online properties. I recommend Valentin as a professional expert.
Vitalii Kharytonov
Head Of Product at Fundomate Technologies, Inc., PMP®

To who it may concern,

I had the pleasure of working with Valentin for a year. He is hard-working and good at SEO content marketing. He understand the technical side of SEO too. He is soft-spoken and a good team player. I think you will enjoy working with him.

Viktor Yevpak
Kidslox CEO, eKreative CEO

Valentyn did the great job for us and we would definitely recommend him as a SEO Expert.
Bogdan Khalyapin
Co-CEO, Co-Founder at Software Product Development Group

Valentin is a conscientious, executive and hardworking employee. He has excellent skills in SEO/PPC spheres. It has been an honor to work with him. I would like to thank Valentin for sharing his knowledge with the team. He is able to answer all questions that may arise; is always eager to take part in discussions and to improve his knowledge. He deals with all kinds of work perfectly and on time.
Andrew Osipov
Founder & CEO of Visual Craft | Digital transformation specialist, Startup technology advisor

My successful cases

Successful cases that I managed to implement during my work. My main expertise is SEO for IT, startups and technology companies.


SEO mobile app parental control

SEO and PPC project for a parental control mobile application. As part of the project, the task was successfully implemented: increasing organic traffic for the site in search engines, and increasing organic and paid traffic in the App Store and Play Market.

Search Engine Reputation Management

The project is to improve the results of a brand request for a chemical production plant. As a result of the work, it was possible to advance 5 of our materials to the Top-10 results by brand request. The percentage of negatives in the Top-20 decreased from 35% to 5%.

SEO for Software Development Company

SEO project of a software development company. According to the results of the work, the value of organic traffic increased to $27,000 per month. Only with SEO, up to 5 quality leads came in a month, some of which were implemented by concluding a contract.

SEO for SPA Real Estate Company

The SPA project is a real estate agency website (a top company in its region) with 2 million pages. The task of improving the indexing of the site, solving the problem of falling traffic and indexing. The result is a constant trend in indexing and traffic growth. Expanded semantic core and successful Top for new key queries.

Brands I work with

Web and mobile app development done right

Develux is home to the market’s top professionals.

The Best Parental Control App For iPhone & Android

Software product development company with around 17 years of experience

QArea is an outsourced software development company with 21+ years of experience

UpTop specializes in UX design, development and usability research

UpTop Health creates effortless digital experiences for healthcare payers and more


Business is the creation of additional value for customers. But the greatest value is the well-being of people.

If you want to get involved in good causes, write to me.


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  • Before planning to promote or update the site, you can assess the current state of the site.

  • Leave a request now, and I will do a free site audit and name the 3 main mistakes on your site.       
  • 80% of SEO errors can be eliminated with a one-time development, after an SEO audit.
  • I analyze all aspects of the site: site security, indexing, compliance with Google requirements, and competitors.

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