My name is Valentin Romanenko, I am a happy husband and father of two.

I serve as a volunteer, helping low-income people in my city. And on Sundays, I volunteer at a church Sunday school.

I will write more about myself later, and add a link here.

The following text is about me as an SEO expert.

1. I have been running this blog for over 11 years.

Thus, you can understand that I am a fairly consistent person and I'm not a quitter.


Whois age

Web archive age 4457 days 11 years 3 month 29 days

Age itself is not much of a characteristic. There is a saying: with age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes.

It's not about me. Of course, I failed quite a lot, and sometimes I reached a bottom: nothing worked; I just wanted to give up... But then, after a little rest and after applying the logic, I found a sense and returned to SEO.

2. This website traffic

My site has fairly large traffic — 1,000 visitors per day. In fact, the traffic could have been significantly higher. My traffic peak was 3.5 thousand visitors per day. Then it has been at the stable level of 2-2.5 thousand. After one of the last updates, the traffic from Yandex decreased.

Because I have been developing the site for a long time, I have tried everything in my blog once being green in SEO. And, as a result, the «burden of the past» does not allow my site to slip past all existing search engine filters.

But if we look at such an unusual rating as Alexa Rank in the niche, then my blog will be in 6th place there.

Unfortunately, the link is no longer relevant, since the site has closed its directory of sites.

It's nice to be the second after Devaka ).

As far as I understand, this section was filled in about 6-7 years ago, and now Alexa is not involved in this area.

I was in this rating when half of today's information businessmen were still playing in video games).

Also, my site was added to the Google directory — DMOZ and in the Yandex directory.

3. Successful development of the information website.

I can boast not only of my blog but also of the development of my information website.

The site was promoted only by white hat tactics, based on the content. No more than $50 was spent on links. The maximum traffic is more than 28 thousand visitors per day.

4. Successful promotion of an English-language website

In one of the companies where I worked, I managed to double the company's blog traffic. I cannot name the address because I signed the NDA.

For my experiment, I was assigned copywriters (one of whom was a native speaker) to create 40 quality blog posts. And after 4 months, we achieved blog traffic doubling.

Also, for this company, I established crowd marketing and outreach marketing.

5. Successful promotion of the mobile application in iTunes

I was not the only one promoting this product, nevertheless, we managed to push the iOS application to the Top 2 in our niche.

On my own initiative, I started a campaign in iTunes Ads and this campaign immediately showed a profit. One installation of the application cost x and brought an income 2x. I worked only for 8 months in this area. It was an interesting experience, nevertheless.

6. Positive reviews on Linkedin

I left all my jobs on good terms. Therefore, I have 2 positive Linkedin reviews from my former executives/managers. Over the years, I managed to understand: negative comes back, so you need to live in peace and friendship. I worked at eKreative for a year and at Visual Craft for about 3 years.

7. Positive feedback on my work.

Here are some other reviews about my audits 🙂

Excellent audit!

I have been in the «site-building» for over 10 years. One of my projects is a network of message boards with total daily traffic of up to 50,000 unique users. I raised and run this project from scratch and I know that from an SEO point of view, everything was «done okay.» There was one problem for a long time — had bad traffic from Google.

I decided to get the site audited. I have been choosing who to hire, who to trust for a long time. I had the following criteria for choosing an auditor:

  1. Meticulous and responsible.
  2. Someone with experience and best practices.
  3. The audit should NOT be performed in «automatic mode». I needed the auditor to get to the bottom of the project and make an audit specifically for MY site.

I chose Valentin. The audit was done in three days.

What I liked right away:

  1. The audit was presented in a structured manner.
  2. It can be seen that the auditor is an old hand on the job, performs it according to his perfected plan, and knows the analytical tools necessary for a high-quality audit.
  3. Errors and shortcomings were identified, complemented with short explanations of WHY it is bad and HOW it needs to be changed.
  4. Comparative competition analysis was carried out on important criteria/indicators.
  5. Thanks to the audit, the probable reason for the pessimization of the site in the results of Google was logically presented and became clear.

Is it true, you ALREADY want to order an audit of your site from Valentin? But that's not it!

  • After such an audit, you will immediately want to improve your site!
  • It will immediately become clear to you why it needs to be done.
  • You will already have a ready-made plan for improvements and bug fixes on the site
  • And you will finally start working

I think you have no doubts about the necessity of an audit.

Still in doubt?!

Then ultima ratio!

Be sure that no matter how polished your site is, you need a fresh eye. And the day before yesterday the existing “rules of perfect SEO” were rewritten. And if you don’t tune in today, you will be thrown into the outsiders of SERP.

Get an audit done. Trust a professional. Be amazed at the quality of the audit. Awaken your desire to change. Enjoy working as directed by smart audit. Be pleasantly surprised to the upside at the result.

And an English-language review from

8. Positive feedbacks in Upwork.

I have a positive experience with Upwork, and at a fairly high rate, from $15 to $30 per hour.

I would continue to work there, but in general, it is hard to compete with the Indians, who bid everything in a row and knock down the price. But that was 2 years ago, maybe something has changed.


These are my achievements. This is not larger than life. But I understand SEO well and I am confident that I can provide quality services to my clients.

Whoever is interested in my services, I am open to all kinds of proposals.

At the moment, my rate is $20 for hourly tasks, 200$ for the technical website audit.

Basic consultation is free.

Feel free to write me with any questions —, I will be glad to receive feedback).

I wish success to all of you.