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How much does website design and development cost in 2022?

Prices of website creation by types of projects and businesses


  1. Site price components
  2. The price of the site when choosing a contractor
  3. The cost of the site by type of business
  4. The price for creating sites by project type
  5. The price for the online store
  6. The cost of a corporate website
  7. The price of the information portal
  8. Price Landing page
  9. The price of the site when using different technologies
  10. The cost of the site when using constructors
  11. The price of a WordPress site
  12. The price of the site on the framework
  13. The cost of promoting the site

Today, the cost of creating a website varies greatly from project to project.

There are web projects that are developed by ready-made designers or using templates on CMS systems and their development takes no more than two weeks, and there are companies that need individual development on the framework. The choice of technology depends on the wishes of the customer: how he sees his project, and what functional modules are needed on the site.

The following approaches to site development are divided:

  • Creation of a site based on designers (Tilda, Wix). A very fast and accessible method of website development for everyone. Good for one-page sites and small business card sites. You can develop such a project yourself and pay only a subscription fee for the site, which is approximately $100 per year.
  • Development using ready-made templates based on popular CMS systems (WordPress, Bitrix, Drupal). Basically, you choose a ready-made site in the project catalog, and then the programmer adapts it to your requirements: removes unnecessary sections, changes the content of the site, sets your logo, colors, etc. Well suited for corporate sites and simple online stores. The price of such a site can vary from $500 to $2,000
  • Creation of a project with an individual design and integration with the CMS system. This project is developed «from scratch» according to business requirements. An individual design is created taking into account the characteristics of the company and the niche in which it works. The site is built on the basis of a popular site management system (such as WordPress) to speed up the development process and simplify administration. Ideal for corporate websites. Among the minuses — it is not possible to develop non-standard functionality that deviates from the «ready-made» modules of the CMS system. The price for creating a website on CMS starts at $2,000
  • Creation of a site with an individual design on a framework (popularly called: «self-written site»). This type of development is chosen for sites with non-standard, complex functionality: personal accounts, B2B portals, marketplaces, etc. Website development on the framework costs $10,000. Everything will depend on the scope of functionality of your project.

Thanks to this article, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the main components that affect the price of the site, as well as the cost of implementing this or that web project, depending on the type of technology.

Our case

The price of creating sites by component

The price of website development is not limited to just writing the code. This is full-fledged work of the whole team, which includes the development of the concept of your project, the creation of a brand identity, testing, and promotion.

It is very important to create a unique site that will constantly work and attract more and more traffic every day, as well as perform maximum customization for the user.

Cost of domain and hosting

A domain is necessary so that users can easily find you on the Internet. Domain name prices depend on the region and domain zone (.com/.biz/.net). The cost of an average domain can vary from $10 to $30.

In addition to a domain name, you need hosting. The amount of payment for hosting depends on the amount of memory of your website. For example, for a corporate site, the cost of hosting will be $50 per year, and for an online store with 10,000 products — $100 per year

The cost of the technical task and prototype

At this stage, similar sites are analyzed, and their functionality and brand identity are compared. After the analysis, the assigned specialist starts writing the technical task for your site. The cost of the technical task is 10% of the project price.

After drawing up the technical task, the Project Manager or the designer creates a layout of the future site. At this stage, you will be able to see the schematic arrangement of the elements of the future site. How products and categories will be placed, forms for receiving leads, and make appropriate changes. The cost of prototyping is usually included in the cost of the design, but if you order it as a separate service, you should count on $300 — $1000 depending on the number of pages and interface elements.

Cost of site design

The cost of site design consists of the number of hours spent by the UX Designer on the entire work. The payment for the design can be considered the number of drawn pages (404, the main one, about us) or the total time spent by the specialist. Also, the cost of the design depends on the animation elements and brand components. The price of an online store design starts at $1,000

The cost of the website layout

After creating the design for the PC and mobile version, Front-end developers arrange the pages of your site so that each element is placed according to the design. The cost of website design starts at $500 for a Landing Page. The price of the layout depends on the number of pages and animation pages that need to be folded.

The cost of programming the site

This stage is the main one because during it the main modules for your site are programmed (authorization, monetization, personal accounts) and the site management system is connected. The cost of programming is influenced by the type of technology required (off-the-shelf solution or development from scratch). The price of programming starts at $500 for a CMS site and $3,000 for a framework site.

The cost of site testing

After the development stage, QA specialists (testers) are connected to the project. They check the correctness of the code. When testing the site, both unit tests (code testing) and manual testing can be performed. The cost of testing depends on the amount of time spent by the QA engineer on one or another type of testing, for a corporate site the cost of testing will be $200

The cost of launching the site and support

After checking and eliminating all errors, your site is ready to be transferred to hosting. The programmer moves your site and configures the server as needed. After that, final testing and training in working with the administrative panel will be conducted.

At the end of the project, a warranty period is provided, during which our team will eliminate all technical errors that have arisen. Also, after the end of the warranty service, you can conclude a support contract with a monthly fixed cost of $200/month.

Website development prices from different contractors

In order to create your personal website, there are several types of contractors. Prices for the creation of sites, as well as the time of implementation of your project, will depend on the complexity of the product and the type of contractor you choose.

  • A freelancer is a person who is completely engaged in the creation of sites himself, starting from design and ending with programming. This solution is indeed the most economical on the market, but it should be understood that working with freelancers carries risks related to the completion of the project and expertise in all areas (design, programming, design), since they are all performed alone.
  • A digital agency is a company that creates websites for businesses. She specializes in creating corporate and simple websites with further support (marketing, advertising, branding). Due to a large number of services, some of them will be performed by the same freelancers, but the company will be responsible for the project as a whole.
  • A niche company is a company that develops niche products such as complex web projects and mobile applications. Such companies have on staff all the necessary specialists in their field of specialization.
  • A top 10 web studio – the company is recognized as the best in website development by several independent rating agencies. The high cost of projects is caused by the following factors: work for the international market, fees for the name, expensive specialists in the staff

Below is the cost per hour of a specialist, depending on where he works, but it is worth understanding that this or that contractor may not be competent to develop complex or, on the contrary, simple projects. Therefore, the detailed characteristics of each type of contractor are presented below in the table.

Type of contractor Cost per hour
Freelancer $5-$10
Digital agency $10-$25
A specialized company for the development of complex products$25-$50
Web studio with 10 in Ukraine$50-$100

The cost of creating a website by type of business

Without a preliminary assessment of the business, it is quite difficult to calculate the final cost of the project, for one or another business. This is due to the fact that the larger your business, the higher the requirements for the quality and level of project implementation. Similarly, the larger the company, the more people make decisions (therefore additional time is spent on discussion).

The volume of business also affects the number of pages of the site and its functionality. For example, in Large Business, such sections as Mission, Values, and Corporate Culture are added... which small businesses usually don't even think about. Let's give an example, of the cost of a corporate website, depending on the type of business:

Types of BusinessCost
Small businessesfrom $2,000
Average businessfrom $4,500
Big businessfrom $7,000

For small business

A small business is a company that employs no more than 50 people. For these companies, it may be necessary to develop a corporate website or landing page. Due to this, companies can receive applications or customers from the online sphere.

Medium business

This group already includes enterprises that employ more than 50 to 500 people in the state. These companies may have in-house production or a large number of administrative departments. These companies may require the development of individual automation systems (CRM, ERP mobile applications).

Big business

These are large corporations, which can include several thousand employees. Warehouses and representative offices of the company can be scattered all over the world. These companies have internal IT systems and require the development of web and mobile parts for full automation within the company or work with wholesale buyers.

Our case

Prices for creating sites depend on their type

Today, the market presents a large number of different sites, starting from the simplest (landing page) and ending with large Internet projects (saas services or marketplaces). The table presents the main types of projects and their cost depending on the technology

Project typePrice based on a ready-made solutionPrice for development from scratch on a framework
Landing pagefrom $500to $1,000
Corporate sitefrom $1,500to $2,500
Online storefrom $3,500to $5,000
Catalogfrom $2,500to $3,500
Information portalfrom $3,000to $10,000

As you can see, the price of creating a site based on a ready-made solution and from scratch is significantly different, because when developing on a framework, each component is designed from scratch, but due to this, you get the individuality of the project and unlimited possibilities for functionality. You will be able to implement the latest SEO trends, improve customization for users, and integrate the site with already existing systems into a single whole.

The price for the online store

This is the creation of your own e-commerce project, thanks to which you will be able to open new markets, as well as expand your target audience that buys things online. Due to physical and online presence, you make ordering your products more convenient for the buyer. Online stores can be developed both when using CMS systems and from scratch on the framework.

SEO requirements and trends should be taken into account when developing an online store. Due to the fact that this is one of the most competitive niches in the market, it is important to get as much direct traffic as possible than using targeted advertising. For SEO optimization, we connect the basic module and also configure the automatic generation of pages and meta tags. The table presents the detailed cost of the online store by elements.

Project component/solution typeCMS WordPressFrom scratch on the framework
Terms of Referencefrom $750to $1,000
Programmingfrom $1,500to $3,000
Connecting third-party integrationsfrom $300to $500
Transfer to hosting$100$100
Summaryfrom $3,650to $5,600

The optimal technology stack for the project will depend on the set of requirements, but it is worth noting that if you want to implement marketing promotions and dynamic pricing, then the best option will be a development from scratch. In addition, you should not forget about filtering and traffic, because the more products or traffic you have, the more difficult it will be to implement an online store on a ready-made CMS system.

The cost of a corporate website

Creating a corporate website is necessary so that the company can attract customers from the online segment. With your own website, it is much easier to tell and demonstrate what the company does than a cold call from a manager.

A corporate site belongs to the type of simple web project. Implementation of this site is possible with the help of ready-made CMS systems (WordPress) or from scratch. The table below shows the cost of each element needed to launch a corporate website

Project component/CMS solution typeWordPressFrom scratch on the framework
Technical task$300$300
Designfrom $1,000from $1,000
Programmingfrom $1,000to $1,500
Connecting third-party integrationsfrom $300to $500
Transfer to hosting$100$100
Summaryfrom $2,700to $3,400

The price of the information portal

As people are increasingly looking for information and news on the Internet, creating your own information portal is a great idea to attract a large amount of traffic every day. Monetization is possible due to paid publications or the placement of banners.

Information sites can be developed both on a ready-made CMS system (WordPress) and on a framework. If you have a classic site where news will be posted and attendance will not exceed 5,000 per day, then you can stop at a ready-made CMS system. If non-standard functionality or large attendance is planned, then it is better to give preference to development from scratch, on the framework. Below is a table with the cost of developing an information site

Type of project/Choice of technologyOn ready-made CMSbFrom scratch
News sitesfrom $5,000 to $7,000
Urban from$4,000to $5,000
Educationalfrom $3,000to $5,000
Statefrom $4,000to $5,000
Corporatefrom $5,000 to $7,000
Individualfrom $10,000

When it comes to a news site, it's important to understand what you want to create. You can develop a news aggregate. It will collect data from various sources and publish it on the site, or you can develop a news site on which your editors will post a unique text.

Price Landing page

This is a single-page lead generation site. Thanks to the use of a landing page and targeted advertising, you can get leads from the first day of launch.

This type of site can be implemented using ready-made solutions (Tilda, Wix,) or on a CMS system (WordPress). This project belongs to the type of simple project and does not take more than one month, including the development and coordination of all the nuances. Below is a detailed table of Landing page costs by component:

A necessary component for the project Template site Individual

  • Writing technical specifications — $200
  • Design 200$ 500$
  • Programming $500 $600
  • The cost of the template is from $150 —
  • Summary from $850 to $1,300

When developing the project, it is worth considering that the landing page is designed to receive leads, so it is important to create an integration with the customer accounting system (Bitrix, Amocrm) and provide a beautiful and animated design.

The price of creating a website depends on the technology

This is a single-page lead generation site. Thanks to the use of a landing page and targeted advertising, you can get leads from the first day of launch.

This type of site can be implemented using ready-made solutions (Tilda, Wix,) or on a CMS system (WordPress). This project belongs to the type of simple project and does not take more than one month, including the development and coordination of all the nuances. Below is a detailed table of Landing page costs by component:

A necessary component for the projectTemplate siteIndividual
Writing technical specifications-$200
Design $200500$
The cost of the templatefrom $150-
Summaryfrom $850to $1,300

When developing the project, it is worth considering that the landing page is designed to receive leads, so it is important to create an integration with the customer accounting system (Bitrix, Amocrm) and provide a beautiful and animated design.

The price of creating a website depends on the technology

To create your website today, there are many options. There are sites that can be deployed in 2 hours with no programming skills, and there are those that require a whole team of developers. Each technology may be suitable for one project but not for another. Below we will dwell in more detail on each solution and its capabilities.

Site price on Tilda and Wix

The most popular are Tilda and WIX. These platforms are classified as ready-made systems. Thanks to these sites, business owners can get their sites without programming skills, but it is worth noting that these platforms are limited in terms of functionality. Due to these solutions, you can develop your Landing Page or corporate site. Due to these websites, companies can close the problems by attracting customers and talking about their services.

  • Benefits. When using these constructors, sites are deployed quickly, in a few hours. You only need to pay for hosting and a domain name. The development company provides 24/7 support and enough information on the Internet to configure or host the site.
  • Disadvantages Tilda and WIX are not suitable for developing individual projects. At the expense of these designers, you will not create a unique service on the market. In addition, these sites are quite difficult to promote through SEO.

The cost of creating a site on Tilda is $120/year + the cost of the domain ($10-15). The price for a site created with WIX starts at $100/yea r and similarly, you will need to pay for a unique domain

The price of a WordPress site

This is a ready-made CMS platform with which you can develop eCommerce and corporate sites. This technology has a ready-made administrative system in a box, and the necessary functionality (filtering directory) is configured depending on the client's requirements. If you want to order a website creation service, the cost of a WordPress project will start at $2,500.

  • Benefits of WordPress

This CMS system includes the availability of a large number of ready-made templates. When using this technology, more opportunities open up than when creating a site on the constructor. In addition, CMS-WordPress has plugins for SEO promotion, which greatly simplifies the promotion of this channel of attracting traffic.

  • Disadvantages

Despite constant updates, this CMS is periodically hacked and new vulnerabilities are found, so if your project is at risk of hacking, it is better to look in the direction of a self-written site. This platform is not suitable for the development of complex functional projects, because some functionality will be extremely difficult to implement or even impossible.

The cost of creating a site from scratch on the framework

This option means that your project will be created from scratch. Thanks to the development of the site on the framework, you can create a site that will be maximally oriented to solving your business problems. If you want to create a site, the price of a web project on the framework will start at $4,000.

  • Benefits

Thanks to the development from scratch, your project will contain the functionality that it really needs. When using the framework, you can lay the possibility for the future scaling of the project. An individual approach makes it possible to optimize the site under high load.

  • Disadvantages

The development of the site can take a lot of time (from 3 months) depending on the scope of the project's functionality. The cost of the site is significantly different from ready-made solutions and can be several times higher.

The cost of promoting the site

In addition to website development, its further support is important. In order to recoup the cost of development, the site must work and attract customers every day. Depending on the marketing strategy, you will be forced to hire a whole team to promote and promote the site. Below is a table showing the required monthly amount to invest in a particular channel, including the specialist's salary.

Type of marketing toolMonthly budget required for this channel
SEOfrom $750 per month
PPCfrom $500 per month
Brandingfrom $450
Copywriting from $5/for 1000 characters
Translationsfrom $5/per 1000 characters
Fillingfrom $300
  • SEO. Necessary for site promotion. Internal and external optimization of the site is carried out here, due to which the positions and traffic of the site increase.
  • PPC. Setting up targeted advertising to attract users.
  • Branding. In order for your site to be known, you need to invest in creating a brand around your site that is easily remembered in the mind of a buyer or reader.
  • Copywriting. Necessary in order to simply tell customers about their services or describe the characteristics of the product. Also, copywriting is aimed at working with content
  • Translations. Necessary if you work for the international market.
  • Filling. There must be a separate person responsible for filling and publishing goods or news on the site. Also, this person will ensure that the site works properly and will contact specialists in case of any breakdowns.


It is impossible to say unequivocally how much this or that site costs without a detailed analysis of the software part and design. If you want to know the cost of the site, you can contact our managers. for consultations by leaving personal data or by calling.

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