2021-02-20 12:02SEO tips

How to Find Broken Links on the Website: Review of 4 Convenient Tools

Broken links is one of the factors which negatively influence on the quality of the website and, in its turn, website position depends on its quality in general. And what turns out? Broken links indirectly influence ranging, and respectively, the website traffic.

If today there are no broken links on the website, it does not mean that after a while they will not appear. Therefore, we recommend to check the website for broken links from time to time. The frequency of check depends on the type of your website (online store, news site, etc.) and traffic volume.

2021-02-11 02:02SEO tips

What to check before open website for Indexation

Website Launch
Before launching the new project, it is important to check the settings of the website and evaluate its readiness for SEO promotion. Otherwise, it is possible to complicate significantly its further promotion in search engines.

In this article, we will list the main settings of a resource which we recommend checking before opening the website to indexation.

Internal optimization

The success of the website promotion in SE directly depends on the quality of the performed works on internal optimization of the website: optimization of headings and metatags, content, URL, alt-tags to images.

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